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Jeremy Anderson - President



University of Tennessee, Knoxville 2005


Universidad Estatal de Louisiana, Paul M. Hebert Law Center 2010


Jeremy Anderson is the president of the Anderson Immigration Law Group.

Jeremy Anderson has earned a reputation as a dedicated and fierce advocate for immigrants in the United States and Mexico. Jeremy directs the enterprise of attorneys, paralegals, and support staff to assure that you have the greatest chance of success in your endeavors.

Jeremy's career is replete with examples of cases that others wouldn't touch, creative solutions, and diligent advocacy that have brought results to his clients. Families, businesses, professionals, and investors seek out Jeremy from all parts of the globe because he finds a way. Jeremy understands and adapts so that you meet your goals. In doing so, he instills this courage of conviction in the lawyers that are part of the Anderson team.

Jeremy has appeared on numerous international media outlets discussing his clients and immigration themes in general. He has appeared on CNN, CNN en Espanol, the BBC, RAITV Italia, and numerous regional television networks. Jeremy now regularly appears on the Televisa Network in El Paso/Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico.

Additionally, Jeremy is a regular speaker at Immigration Attorney conferences, international investment symposiums, and Professional Development lecture series. When you choose The Anderson Immigration Law Group, you are choosing one of the global leaders in Immigration Law to be by your side.

" I grew up with multiple cultures and different types of people in Southern California. I enjoy using my childhood experiences with all kinds of people in my professional life. I pride myself on assisting families and businesses achieve their goals in the United States."

Jeremy's corporate clients include regional, national, and international brands. Jeremy instills trust in the process and works toward results. Jeremy makes sure your business' interests are the priority, while managing both corporate and personal risks.

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